Social Media Management

I’ve recently taken on a new role over at Hack Library School – in addition to being a regularly contributing writer I’m now also the Community Manager! Community Manager (CM) is basically a fancy title for promotional/social media person. When the former CM announced her desire to retire I jumped at the chance to man … More Social Media Management

Hack Library School Library Student Day in the Life! (or #HLSDITL, for short!)

This year I’m participating in the Hack Library School Library Student Day in the Life event! It involves library school students blogging, Tumbling, or tweeting about their day; the purpose is for prospective library students to get a peak into library school life and for current library students to connect with each other! It’s been … More Hack Library School Library Student Day in the Life! (or #HLSDITL, for short!)

Exhibit vs. Display

As evinced by my numerous blog posts, I’m continually interested in book exhibits, both physical and digital. I spent the summer trying to come up with a great exhibit idea for August to follow my Closed Stacks exhibit. What I ended up with, idea-wise, was really more of a display. While my past exhibits have been … More Exhibit vs. Display

Positive Library Advocacy

I recently wrote a post for Hack Library School about promotional efforts and how we, as librarians, portray the funding and identity struggles that many LIS institutions are currently facing. My argument was that scare tactics and gloom-and-doom messages (e.g. the Huffington Post’s “Libraries in Crisis” section) are not the way to go; I advocate for the spreading … More Positive Library Advocacy