Library Passport Program

This past month I participated in a library passport program put on by my library’s Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee’s Wellness Team. The program occurs every year and promotes both physical wellness and knowledge of various library branches and employees. We picked up our passports at the beginning of October and had the full month to visit all of the 34 participating branch libraries and units. We were encouraged to take the time to introduce ourselves at the participating locations and explore.

I was very excited to participate, as there were many branch libraries I had never visited during my time as a student. Also, if you completed all 34 units, you were entered in a prize giveaway (that included gym passes, fitness class punch-cards,  pool passes, etc.).

I think this type of program is excellent for employees of large library systems and could also be transformed into an outreach/engagement activity for patrons. You would probably need to scale down the number of participating branches (perhaps limiting to those with exhibit spaces, frequent public events, etc.). You could target different groups (e.g. undergrads, community members, etc.). And you could even have small giveaway items (postcards, pens, buttons!) at each branch for participants to collect! Might develop this idea a bit more and pitch it to our outreach/marketing staff members…

Here are a few photos from my travels!


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