Marketing Grant Project

I’m finally finished with my grant project!

Over a year ago I spearheaded a proposal for grant funding for a marketing/promotion project at my library. We were able to secure the funding and it has been a long process to figure out exactly what we want, design it, and acquire the deliverables. But just yesterday I sent off the final report to the grant committee and can now breathe a sigh of relieve and satisfaction. And share the results with you lovely folks!

Our initial goal: to create materials that the library can use at tabling events to promote the library location, services, and collections. We never send a representative to orientations, large departmental events, or information fairs in our college because we have no materials, large or small, to use at such events. Our first idea was to have a large informational poster that could be set up beside or on top of a table, along with a small giveaway.

This idea eventually morphed into what we have now: a large, Velcro-friendly blue board display; 17 foam-mounted images (including a header) that attach to the board – some illustrate library services (printing, study rooms) while others illustrate our various subject areas; and a colorful, two-sided informational bookmark with our hours, location, contact info, and key services. The board display is flexible – we can customize it to any event at which we want to promote the library. And the bookmark has the basic information about our library, so new visitors know who we are, what we do, and where to find us.

Display board
Display board! All photos taken by ME! Library logo header designed by me as well.


Two-sided bookmark! Again, images and content design by me. So proud of this puppy!


Working on this project was a blast! I was so glad that the marketing committee chose our proposal. We were allowed the freedom, within our budget, to create some fantastic materials that will last us many semesters and help promote the library. There are at least a few events this spring and summer where I’d love to use our new tabling set-up. Additional photos and stories of the materials in action are (hopefully) forthcoming!


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