Bulletin Boards – They’re Not Just For School Librarians!

My last big project of my summer job at a health sciences library was to create the “welcome back” fall bulletin board. I’d previously worked on exhibits and displays, but never a bulletin board! Luckily the library was well-equipped with giant letters, poster board, and colored paper. While I have no desire to become a youth librarian, I do find an amazing amount of zen-like joy in cutting out paper square and rectangles. I also follow a Library Displays Tumblr, which did help me develop my own board’s design.

Luckily, I was able to work with the content from last year’s “welcome back” board, so I mostly just had to update the map and some of the information. People seemed pretty pleased and it was a lovely way to spend my last few days.

My board!
My board!

While my normal job doesn’t currently have a library bulletin board, there has been talk of getting a fancy electronic bulletin board. So perhaps there will be new forays into library bulletin boards in my future!


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