BOBCATSSS & Previews of Spring

As mentioned in a previous post, next week I will be travelling to Barcelona, Spain for BOBCATSSS. I will be co-presenting a paper written with my advisor on marketing in library & information science education. There are actually a handful of University of Illinois students presenting papers and posters at BOBCATSSS this year, as detailed in this news piece.

Very excited to be going to my first conference; also, still very much in preparations mode, hence the lack of a real post. But(!), some things on the horizons for this winter/spring:

  • Designing the table banner I have a marketing grant for
  • My new second job at my library system’s Virtual Reference Desk
  • The ever-evolving database instruction sessions at my main job
  • My personal thoughts/take on e-readers
  • And, obviously, pictures from libraries in Spain!

In the meantime, you’ll have to excuse my week-long absence, as I will be here:

Can't wait!
Can’t wait!

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