Norwegians are the best

Finals and conference deadlines have my brain scrambled. So here’s a fun fact/news item: Norway is in the middle of digitizing its ENTIRE national library:

As The Atlantic was lovely enough to highlight, the Scandinavian nation is hard at work, with the goal of digitizing their entire Norwegian-language national library by the mid-2020s:

“Imagine digital archaeologists coming across the remains of early 21st century civilization in an old data center on the warming tundra. They look around, find some scraps of Buzzfeed and The Atlantic, maybe some Encyclopaedia Britannicas, and then, gleaming in the data: a complete set of Norwegian literature.

Suddenly, the Norwegians become to 27th-century humans what the Greeks were to the Renaissance. Everyone names the children of the space colonies Per and Henrik, Amalie and Sigrid. The capital of our new home planet will be christened Oslo.”

I can dig it. (Although not really because that would mean that the Norwegians were the only nation awesome enough to care about massive digital preservation which would be upsetting!)


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