Social Media Management

I’ve recently taken on a new role over at Hack Library School – in addition to being a regularly contributing writer I’m now also the Community Manager! Community Manager (CM) is basically a fancy title for promotional/social media person. When the former CM announced her desire to retire I jumped at the chance to man the helm of a group’s social media presence. After all I’m very interested in library outreach, marketing, and promotion, and while I’m allowed to contribute ideas for the social media accounts at my current job, the CM position allows for so much more flexibility and creativity.

And thus, with some training and guidance from the retiring CM, I’m now in charge of the Hack Library School Facebook and Twitter accounts. It’s really somewhat strange – after using social media in a fairly personal way (socially and professionally) for so long it is different to use it professionally to represent a group/collective blog. Luckily my predecessor was full of great ideas about the best times to post, what to post, how to format the posts, etc. It also helps that Hack Library School already has many dedicated followers who comment, retweet, favorite, and repost our posts quite often.

That's me behind the curtain!
That’s me behind the curtain!

The two main challenges so far have been:

  • Figuring out Hootsuite, which I had heard of before but never used. Hootsuite is a dashboard platform that allows you to schedule postings – frankly, it’s quite lovely.
  • Making sure I vary my prose enough to not sound like a broken record. Hack Library School writers are awesome and come up with amazingly fresh topics all the time. But we have a rotating post schedule that results in 3-5 posts a week! That’s a lot of tweeting! And there’s only so many times I can use phrases like “@blogger gives advice on…” and “@blogger shares thoughts on…”
    Keeping my tweets fresh has been a challenge, but one I’ve come to relish.

So if you’re already a Hack Library School reader, or if this blog post is your first introduction to it, just know that there is a real human behind all of our snazzy social media (one who appreciates retweets, likes, and hot chocolate)!


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