Libraries I Love: Undergraduate Library

Time for another University of Illinois installation of Libraries I Love! This week, it’s the Undergraduate Library (UGL) which is 1) a super cool place that is 2) not just for undergrads!

Here are the top ten reasons why you should check it out:

  1. As mentioned above, it’s not just for undergrads! While the name may seem a bit limiting, patrons of all ages can study, check out resources, and get help from librarians.
  2. Sweet, sweet loanable technology. The UGL has everything from laptops to cameras to e-readers to calculators. I recently realized I needed a camera for a class project and lamented the fact that I was limited to my phone camera. But, alas, I was able to check out a digital camera for a week from the UGL!

    (Image source)
    Loanable tech! So sweet! (Image source: UGL Pinterest)
  3. The UGL has a very extensive graphic novel collection that includes rare, hard-to-find, and foreign novels.
  4. In addition to loanable tech, the UGl also has a newly finished Media Commons with tons of media creation and editing hardware and software.
  5. Reservable study/group rooms! While many libraries on campus boast group study spaces, the UGL spaces are definitely top-notch. They have jacks in the center of the table that everyone can plug their laptops into and then see all of the screens on a single monitor. Makes collaboration a breeze!

    They're the bomb. (Image source: UGL website)
    They’re the bomb. (Image source: UGL website)
  6. There’s a coffee shop *just across the hall* from the main floor. So you can get your study on AND stay awake.
  7. Exhibits! There are new exhibits every month or so on a whole host of topics, including cancer awareness, coffee, Ireland, UFOs, and almost anything else you can think of! Click through for more past exhibits.
  8. As one of the hub libraries, the UGL hosts all kinds of events and services for students, including everything from free flu shots to pet therapy during finals week (you literally get to go to the library and pet a puppy and feel better about life).
  9. There are both physical and online “question board” services that act as anonymous question and answer services. The questions run the gambit from serious to hilarious to ridiculous. A recently answered question: “Why do public toilet seats have a gap in the front?” Click through for an audio answer.

    Questions board! So fun! (Image source: UGL website)
    Question board! So fun! (Image source: UGL website)
  10. Since the entire library is underground it makes for a tornado-safe study location (an ever-important quality in the Midwest)…

To visit the Undergraduate Library:

Address: 1402 W.Gregory St., Urbana, IL 61801
Hours: Sun-Thu: 24 hours, Fri-Sat: 10AM – 2AM.
Phone: (217) 333-3477
Email form:


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