Grants galore!

It is no secret that library school is full of info about grants. Any library professor worth their salt should at least mention how and why grants are applicable to their specialty (I’ve had lectures, activities, and assignments on grant-writing and its importance in classes on everything from digital preservation to archival use and management). Thus, it should come as no surprise that so far this semester has been particularly grant-focused.

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Grant humor! Hopefully my grant endeavors won’t be this intense…  (Image source)

In my Administration & Management course we recently spent most of a single class period talking about grant funding, both large and small, government and private. In fact, our semester-long project for that course is a grant application for a fictional library. We had to turn in a letter of intent recently; mine is going to be for a genealogy program (complete with collection development, staff training, programming, and promotion)!

Additionally, I’m going to get my first real-life grant-writing experience this semester! The University of Illinois library system offers marketing grants each year and our branch is finally going to go for one! Ideas are still very preliminary, but we’re thinking of creating brochures/postcards that we can pass out at college-wide info fairs and events, as well as a giant backdrop poster with library features and services. I’m very excited to start working on the application and the promotional materials themselves! Should make for a fun/grant-filled semester!


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