Certificate of Advanced Study

After graduating with my Masters in Library & Information Science this month, I am officially starting my Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) program on Monday! I know what you’re thinking — more school? But honestly I couldn’t be more excited; I’ve been thinking about and planning my CAS for about a year and I can’t wait to get started. The CAS option is for library students who want to explore a topic in more depth than they could during the MLIS; it includes a final paper/project that explores a problem or issue in the field and suggestions for the future. The CAS is different from a PhD because it does not lead towards teaching LIS, but is rather a chance for those of us who want to be practicing librarians to explore an LIS topic in significant depth.

Click on this image for a brochure pdf!

My CAS program will focus on library marketing and outreach, one of my favorite LIS topics and an area of librarianship that is fast emerging in earnest. There will be more news and adventures to come over the next two years and I can’t wait to write about them here!

For this fall, I’m taking:

LIS 490: Geographic Information Systems

LIS 505: Administration & Management of Library & Information Centers

LIS 518: Community Informatics


3 thoughts on “Certificate of Advanced Study

  1. Hey Nicole! I am actually a current MS student and will be taking 518 this Fall as well! I started the program in January and have been reading your blog for the past few months now. Excited to work with you this semester 🙂

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