It’s been an entire year!

Today marks the one year anniversary of my first post on this blog! Originally an afterthought that came standard with my WordPress site (that I had intended to use solely as an online resume/portfolio), this blog has really evolved, for me, into a place where I can mentally hash out the many concepts, contradictions, and connections that arise between my LIS coursework, my library job, and my many other experiences, both library-related and not.

Library school goes by ridiculously fast (when you’re a full-time student and working). Last summer I had just finished my first year of graduate school, I was teaching myself a little bit of html, working on one project at work for 3 months (it was a large, tedious project), figuring out what to take during my last year of school, and trying to figure out how to be more involved and get more out of my degree and the related experiences.

Since then I’ve become a Hack Library School blogger, published an article, secured a trip to ALA 2013, thrown myself wholeheartedly into tech-heavy classes, developed my academic/LIS interests, completed a practicum, and taken on a number of projects and larger responsibilities at work (exhibits, overseeing a large Special Collections project, multiple website and subject guide projects). Craziness! But I have to say that having a weekly writing outlet has actually been much more of a help than a hindrance. At first it was hard; committing to a weekly writing goal can seem like a lot when you do so much writing already for work and school. But I quickly realized that I would never be short on topics or the inspiration to cover them. Still not entirely sure where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in another year from now, but I’m sure I’ll keep up with my LIS blogging. Hope you enjoy reading my intensely varied thoughts as much as I enjoy penning them…


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