Libraries I Love: Morse Library at Beloit College

Time for a throwback edition of Libraries I Love! The Morse Library is the academic library and information center at Beloit College, my undergraduate alma mater. I spent 4 years studying, working, hanging out, and falling asleep (kidding…) in this place, so it’s definitely earned a special place in my heart. Here are the top 10 reasons you should visit, should you ever find yourself in south-central Wisconsin:

  1. It’s located at one of the most fantastic liberal arts colleges in the US. Seriously, Beloit pride. 
  2. It’s where all of the cool kids hang out:

    So cool.
    So cool. You wish you were this cool. Image Source: Melissa Kattke
  3. Since it’s a small college (woohoo!) you can still print unlimited black and white pages for free!
  4. It’s so pretty! (Ok maybe it’s fairly standard library decor, but I still love it. I’m nostalgic; what can I say.) Built in the 1960s and then renovated in the 1990s, it’s a lovely place to study.

    Image source
  5. Beloit’s library used to be in a Carnegie building! In fact, it was one of the few academic libraries that Carnegie funded (he was big on public/community libraries). That building is now the World Affairs Center on campus.
  6. So many windows! The north side of the building is all windows, for 3 floors. So during those cold winter months you can have some hope of staving off the seasonal depression with a little sunlight therapy at the library.

    Image source
  7. This place is definitely one of the library locations that contributed to my future career choice. The staff, collections, and general atmosphere of the Morse Library was one of the factors that made me realize: this is where I enjoy being; I should try to pursue this…
  8. On those cold winter days it makes for a warm and cozy pit-stop between the residential and academic sides of campus.

    So inviting! Image source
    So inviting! Image source
  9. It houses the Beloit College Archives, where I worked for a year. Can’t even tell you how awesome the archives are; they probably merit a separate post.
  10. Did I mention it’s where the cool kids hang out? Because it is. Party in the study rooms: I’ll see you there.
Stone cold foxes.
Stone cold foxes. Image Source: Melissa Kattke

To visit Morse Library:

731 College Street
Beloit, Wisconsin 53511-5509

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8AM-1AM; Friday, 8AM-10PM; Saturday, 11AM-10PM; Sunday, 11AM-1AM


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