ALA 2013 Excitement!

I cannot believe it’s already April. College makes time fly by; every year since high school has gone by faster than the last…

My next big adventure, once this semester ends, will be going to my first major library conference! As I mentioned last December, I’ll be attending the ALA 2013 conference in Chicago in June! Since then, I’ve been getting regular updates, including my official registration confirmation, my hotel info, my roommate info, and my placement info! Placement refers to who I’ll be working with; since I’m going to ALA as part of the Student-to-Staff program, I’ll be spending roughly 4 hours each day helping out a particular sub-group. In my case, I get to hang out with the Public Programs Office!

Even though I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, I cannot wait for the summer and have been trying to do everything I can to prepare for the conference. In the meantime, I found a series of comics by Amy Martin called “11 Lessons Learned from my First ALA Annual” to be very entertaining and illuminating. Here’s one of my favorites:

Something to keep in mind as I decide which session to hit up...
Something to keep in mind as I decide which session to hit up… (Comic credit: Amy Martin)

How about you all? Been to any major library conferences before? Have any wisdom to pass on?


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