ALA Student to Staff!

So, I recently found out about some pretty amazing news: I’ve been nominated and accepted as the University of Illinois’s representative in the 2013 ALA Student to Staff program! The program provides funding for one member each from 40 different ALA-accredited schools to come to all four days of the annual conference. It covers food, hotel, and registration costs. In exchange, we work a total of 16 hours over the course of the weekend, helping out at one of the division areas. It’s a great way to get an inside look at ALA and meet tons of amazing people. In our free time we will be able to go to as many talks and events as we can make it to.

I’m so ridiculously excited about getting to go. I’ll definitely have to blog about my experiences when I’m there. In the meantime I’m doing everything I can think of to prepare. This will be my first library conference and I can’t believe it’ll be through such an awesome program.

For more info about the program and the other participants, check out this article in American Libraries.


3 thoughts on “ALA Student to Staff!

  1. Hi Nicole,
    I am a Student-to-Staff representative too, and I’m also ridiculously excited for the conference! Since you’re the “local” (Illinois) person, you’ll have to help the rest of us find our way…

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