Libraries I Love: Indianapolis Public Library

It’s time again for my favorite (and, so far, only) series: Libraries I Love! This time we’re going out of state to the main branch of the Indianapolis Public Library in Indianapolis, Indiana. I got a chance to visit this lovely library this past summer when I happened to be on a trip to the city with family. I managed to convince them that a stop at this gorgeous library would be a lovely way to kill time one afternoon and they kindly indulged me. So, here are my top 10 reasons why you should visit the Indianapolis Public Library (should you ever find yourself in Indiana):

  1. It is GORGEOUS. The front is the original building and the back is an enormous, very modern extension. The two somehow gel together seamlessly to form an unforgettable structure.

    Indianapolis Public Library (source:
  2. As partially seen above, the library sits right in front of a gigantic park; also, it is right near the heart of downtown (and a 2 minute walk away from the best Moroccan food I’ve had in my entire life).
  3. The extension is extremely open air and has tons of natural light – all the better to see the city while you’re finding new favorite books!
  4. The. Children’s. Area. Cannot describe how awesome it is. Cannot fit it into a single picture. Basically just filled with cool chairs/areas/structures and amazingness.

    What is happening here? Imagination at work! (Photo credit: Natalie Helregel)
  5. Seriously, this has to be the best place to bring your children. The children’s area reference staff (of whom I did not get a picture) seemed super friendly and helpful. These are the kind of people that love their job passionately. And who wouldn’t in a workplace like that?
  6. Ok one last children’s area item:

    Awesome chairs! (Photo credit: Natalie Helregel)
  7. Amazing escalators on every floor; I’m a sucker for an open-air escalator. Makes me feel like I’m at the mall (which until now is not something I realized I enjoyed that much)…
  8. The special collections room, which I only got a peek at, but that looks amazing.

    So beautiful! (Source:
  9. These awesome study pod things that I want to LIVE IN during finals week.

    So cool, right? Just push two of them together and you’d never have to leave! (Photo credit: Natalie Helregel)
  10. We spent a whole afternoon there and despite it being very large and very full of people, it was still very easy to find a lovely little nook and read peacefully for about an hour.

    Chillin. Creepin. Etc. (Photo credit: Natalie Helregel)

To visit the Indianapolis Public Library:

40 E. St. Clair St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Hours: 10am-8pm, Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday; 10am-6pm, Thursday; 10am-5pm, Friday/Saturday; 12pm-5pm, Sunday


5 thoughts on “Libraries I Love: Indianapolis Public Library

  1. I drive past it every day and worked there as a sub before the renovations. I recently met author John Green there for a book signing. It’s an awesome space.

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