New Position!

Excited to share the news: I’ve accepted a new position at the University of California – Irvine! I will start as the a Research Librarian for Science Teaching & Learning on July 25th. So my summer will be spent wrapping up my current projects and position, moving, and getting settled in at UC-Irvine. My office … More New Position!

Interactive Training Tutorial – Adventures in Access!

I finally get to share something with you all that I’ve been working on since I started in my current positions: Adventures in Access! Adventures in Access! is an interactive tutorial designed for the use of employees at my library. Its purpose is to provide a realistic simulation of a patron who has contacted us … More Interactive Training Tutorial – Adventures in Access!

Making conferences financially accessible

As a new library professional I spend a certain amount of time thinking about and planning for conferences. I had certainly gotten my conference toes wet during grad school by attending, interning for, and presenting at state, national, and international conferences. But I was able to take advantage of those sweet, sweet student registration rates. I have … More Making conferences financially accessible