I’ve been thinking a lot about mentorship lately. It can definitely fall into the realm of buzz words, but I think mentor-mentee relationships can be very valuable in librarianship and can take many different forms. As I have delved into my first year of professional experience post-grad-school I haven’t actually asked anyone: “Will you be… More Mentorship

Staying Relevant & Meeting Patrons Where They Are

One of my favorite types of library story to collect is meeting-people-where-they-are programming and outreach efforts. Whether it’s a computer skills practice session targeted at seniors or an academic library scavenger hunt/mystery house to pull in the undergrads, I really love reading about libraries that use creative programming and outreach efforts to reach patrons. Here… More Staying Relevant & Meeting Patrons Where They Are

Race & LIS Institutions

A few days ago I had a very startling and illuminating conversation with a group of friends about a colleague of theirs who had experienced harassment and unethical behaviors on our campus; after a series of meetings and conversations, the events were largely swept under the rug by our university. I am being purposefully vague as… More Race & LIS Institutions